Friday, July 25, 2014

Hacking Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja is an awesome game available on iPad/IOS/Android platforms. I really liked the game and started to spend 10minutes daily to gather coins and XP within the game. As the game always pushes the user to buy more coins or gems which could be used to skip levels, I wanted a way to get more coins/XP in-game.
Current avatar of my clumsy ninja
The hack is so simple, that I am frustrated that I didn't think of it earlier. Here goes.

Step 1:Exit the game
Step 2: Turn off wifi
Step 3: Set the device time in the future, maybe 1 day more.
Step 4: Enjoy coins, and all timers are reset as well.

This same strategy will be applicable in all games playable offline, as it is the limitation of the computing device/technology itself.

Friday, May 30, 2014

UAE Job search strategies for Indians

Immigrants from all over the world come to UAE looking for jobs. UAE has a large potential for jobs. From what I had observed, I am listing down some of the strategies specifically for Indians to get a Job in UAE, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

1. Online Job portal
There is only one reputed Job portal in UAE that is used by employers as well as candidates.

While applying through Dubizzle, most employers prefer to call only if the candidate is in UAE or has working experience in UAE. One good idea is to get a UAE local number and use it on the Resume/CV.

Dubizzle is a highly visited place and keep visiting the site often to improve your chances of getting a job. 

2. Direct approach to companies
This is a famous strategy being followed by most people from countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nepal and so on. The candidate can apply and get a visit visa and come to UAE. Once in UAE, visit all possible employers directly and deposit your CV.

I have even seen people distributing CVs at bus shelters.

Indians can either visit UAE with a tourist visa or a visit visa. 
A tourist visa can be taken by anyone with a return flight ticket, without the need for a sponsor in UAE, whereas a visit visa requires a sponsor from UAE.

A return flight ticket to UAE in Indigo costs around Rs.17000.

A 30 day tourist visa is available from Dubai for Rs.5000. More details in below link:

Staying in UAE is a costly affair. But one can find sharing accomodation easily. Check out Dubizzle's "Rooms for Rent" section under "Property for Rent" top menu.

3. References in UAE
Best jobs in government and private sector are mostly available through references. Build up your LinkedIn profile. Search your friends and family network for anyone already working in UAE and seek reference from them.

Comment below for any questions or advise regarding working or getting a job in UAE.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

IRCTC's latest error message : 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. Sub Code 107

IRCTC has managed to give yet another error message to annoy its users.

IRCTC- 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. Sub Code 107 

IRCTC, India's monopoly train ticketing provider is already infamous for providing aberrant service to its users. They have even tampered the ClearTrip train booking service to require a IRCTC login. Now, they hae their website go completely down and are providing a forbidden error message.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Adsense Revenue by Keywords in Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics - Adsense Integration allows Adsense data to be viewed from Google Analytics interface. By default, the Adsense Report section contains the following tabs.
Adsense Report on a Adsense integrated Google Analytics Profile
The default data reports are limited to showing Page level revenue insights.
Overview Tab,
The "Adsense Page" tab shows the page level Adsense metrics such as Adsense Revenue, Adsense CTR, Adsense impressions, Adsense eCPM, Adsense Impressions etc.

Keyword level Adsense Revenue
It is important to know the keyword level revenue insights to be able to quantify how much each keyword for the website is contributing towards Adsense revenue.
For Page-wise keywords, this can be easily done by setting up selecting the "Secondary dimension" as Advertising>Keyword in the "Adsense Page" section of Google Analytics.

Page-wise Keyword Revenue in Adsense-Analytics integrated default report with Keyword secondary dimension
Even this does not show the individual keyword's contribution to the overall website rather than individual pages. Such a site wide keyword-revenue report is not available by default in Google Analytics. It needs to be set up as a custom report.
1. Google Analytics > Customization> New Custom Report
2. Select Adsense Revenue, Adsense Clicks, Adsense eCPM etc in "Metric Group"
3. Select Keyword in dimension drill-down.

The setup should look similar to below screenshot.
Adsense Keyword Revenue in Google Analytics - Custom Report Set up

We are good to go now. The report should as in below screenshot (except the yellow bar, of course!).
Adsene-Google Analytics Integration-Custom Report : Keyword wise revenue
Do comment if you need help/clarifications in setting this up.