Wednesday, August 14, 2013

IRCTC's latest error message : 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. Sub Code 107

IRCTC has managed to give yet another error message to annoy its users.

IRCTC- 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. Sub Code 107 

IRCTC, India's monopoly train ticketing provider is already infamous for providing aberrant service to its users. They have even tampered the ClearTrip train booking service to require a IRCTC login. Now, they hae their website go completely down and are providing a forbidden error message.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Adsense Revenue by Keywords in Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics - Adsense Integration allows Adsense data to be viewed from Google Analytics interface. By default, the Adsense Report section contains the following tabs.
Adsense Report on a Adsense integrated Google Analytics Profile
The default data reports are limited to showing Page level revenue insights.
Overview Tab,
The "Adsense Page" tab shows the page level Adsense metrics such as Adsense Revenue, Adsense CTR, Adsense impressions, Adsense eCPM, Adsense Impressions etc.

Keyword level Adsense Revenue
It is important to know the keyword level revenue insights to be able to quantify how much each keyword for the website is contributing towards Adsense revenue.
For Page-wise keywords, this can be easily done by setting up selecting the "Secondary dimension" as Advertising>Keyword in the "Adsense Page" section of Google Analytics.

Page-wise Keyword Revenue in Adsense-Analytics integrated default report with Keyword secondary dimension
Even this does not show the individual keyword's contribution to the overall website rather than individual pages. Such a site wide keyword-revenue report is not available by default in Google Analytics. It needs to be set up as a custom report.
1. Google Analytics > Customization> New Custom Report
2. Select Adsense Revenue, Adsense Clicks, Adsense eCPM etc in "Metric Group"
3. Select Keyword in dimension drill-down.

The setup should look similar to below screenshot.
Adsense Keyword Revenue in Google Analytics - Custom Report Set up

We are good to go now. The report should as in below screenshot (except the yellow bar, of course!).
Adsene-Google Analytics Integration-Custom Report : Keyword wise revenue
Do comment if you need help/clarifications in setting this up.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Google rolling out favicons in adwords ads

Sometime back, there was news that Google was testing favicons for ads served through adwords. There were reports that ads on search result pages were getting the favicons.
Finally, Google has rolled out the ads on adsense ads served on third party website via display network.
Adsense ads with favicons
By rolling this out, Google is allowing website owners to provide more of their branding on their ad copies.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Bus operators in Indian Metros - A Comparison

Buses take up over 90% of the public transport in Indian cities. To entice people to make use of public transport, the facilities and services offered by the public transport authorities should be improved. In this context, the need to compare and analyse the performance and statistics of the major bus operators in metro cities becomes essential.
Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation(BMTC), followed by Delhi Transport Corporation(DTC operates the maximum number of buses in India.
Bus fleet strength of bus operators in major metros
 Chennai (MTC) has the lowest number of buses among the four major metros.
Daily distance covered by the buses in a day(in lakhs)

Staff per bus
BMTC has average of 5.2 employees per bus. Comparatively, 6.47 employees per bus. Obviously, MTC has invested unnecessarily in an ineffective workforce, since BMTC is able to operate efficiently with its ratio. MTC needs to improve employee efficiency and also increase the number of buses in its fleet.

An Analysis of MTC

As visible from below graph, MTC's fleet strength has been increasing year over year, even if at a slower pace than other bus operators.
 Even as the fleet strength is increasing, some mysterious impairment is causing the distance covered by a bus per day and the passengers transported per day to decrease to 2008 levels.
One would normally expect the passengers carried per day and the distance covered per day will increase when the bus fleet strength increases.
Potential reasons could be,
1. Mismanagement of resources
2. Heavy increase in traffic impeding bus operations
3. Dominance of share autos
4. Increased ticket fares
(3 & 4 updated, thanks to  comment from saratchandra kakarla)
Whatever be the reason for the downfall, it is in the best interests of the people that the MTC should find the source of problem and address it to provide a better service to the country.

Nevertheless, it is a good initiative that the Chennai and Bangalore bus operators have published their performance details on their websites.
MTC Performance 
BMTC Performance
It would be beneficial if other bus operators too published their performance details.