Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Disposable Email addresses

Disposable Email addresses
  Simple, most websites ask an email address for some sort of registration,but not all websites are authentic and they may sell your email addresses to spammers.To protect your email address from such spammers, use disposable email addresses and destruct the ID after some time.Create a disposable ID , and the mails sent to that ID will be automatically forwarded to your inbox until that ID is destructed.You have the option to destruct that ID at anytime.
The list given below points to the best of such services on the NET and of course they are all free and simple.
If any doubts, PM me.
[ I have tried spamgourmet.com and mailinator.com]

1) ZoEmail

ZoEmail restores email as it must have been before spam. Easily accessible via the web and POP, ZoEmail lacks IMAP access, however, and could offer more online storage. The spam-free existence of ZoEmail also comes at the price of a bit of management.

2) Emailias

Create disposable email addresses for use on the Web with Emailias, a flexible and feature-packed disposable email address service, and reduce the amount of spam you get.

3) Spamex

Spamex provides a solid, useful, and almost feature-complete disposable email address service.

4) Spamgourmet

Before you choke on all that spam, try the feature-rich and flexible disposable email addresses from Spamgourmet for protection.

5) E4ward.com

E4ward.com is a down-to-earth and very useful disposable email service that makes it easy to prevent spam to your real email address with easily erasable aliases. You can use your own domain with E4ward.com, but address masking in your replies is a bit cumbersome and auto-expiring aliases are not offered.

6) Mailinator

Mailinator lets you use any email address @mailinator.com and pick up the mail at their site. Since there's no connection to your real address, you sure won't get spam from using Mailinator addresses.

7) Jetable.org Disposable Email

Jetable.org provides easy to use disposable email addresses that auto-expire after a certain time. Useful when you need an address just once, it's not an all-around disposable email solution.

8) GishPuppy

GishPuppy is a disposable email address service that shines with simplicity and functionality. Unfortunately, GishPuppy's functionality does not encompass replacing your real email address with the appropriate alias in replies.

9) Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail is a comfortable, reliable and secure email service with a reasonable amount of storage. A pretty good spam filter (including disposable email addresses,but only for PREMIUM accounts) keeps the junk out.

10) Sneakemail

Sneakemail is a nice and useful disposable email address service.


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