Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Re: Linux XP Professional Edition

Linux XP Professional Edition
For more information about Linux XP, go here:
The target site is in Russian, and Google translation is not working with that site.
So, to  get the list of packages that are budled with it, go here:
View its screenshot here:

"Ch.Bharathradhekrishna" <radhe_titanic@yahoo.co.in> wrote:

Linux XP Professional Edition is the universal and safe operational
system based on open program decisions of the world leader in area
Linux - corporations RedHat, Inc. For the first time for 10 years the
present alternative to Windows-systems including a full set of
convenient programs under the reasonable price is given the user.

The set of the software included in Linux XP Professional, will allow
you to develop a workstation with ample opportunities of multimedia or
a small server. You can work with documents of habitual formats,
create programs, draw a picture, listen to music, look films,
communicate with friends and colleagues. Even if you are a beginner in
Linux, you can easily work in system.

The technical information:

It is completely compatible with Fedora Core and RedHat Linux.
Support MP3 and video, including mpeg4/divx is included.

In the distribution kit:

Java2 SE.
GIMP 1.3.
Mozilla Firebird.
Flash plugin.
Ed2k And many other things...

Bonuses on a disk *4:

Linux-library (clauses and the documentation).
Videodrivers from NVIDIA and ATI.
Nucleus 2.6.

Download Links for Linux XP:






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