Thursday, May 19, 2005

Windows XP Game Advisor


Windows XP Game Advisor

Updated: June 25, 2004
Windows XP Game Advisor

Put more fun in your life with the all new Windows XP Game Advisor. Find game information including demos, trailers, screenshots and updates and determine if a game will work on your Windows XP powered computer before you buy!

Start the Windows XP Game Advisor


Get Game Information Now!

Check out game demos, trailers, screenshots, and even get updates for your favorite games.

Windows XP Game Advisor

Type the name of the game you are searching for in the Search box and click Go. Or choose the age group and game type to see a list of games.

Just click one of these buttons to start learning about the latest games.

Featured game interface

Find Out if Your PC Is Ready to Play

Click "Will it run on my computer?" to find out if your computer has the proper hardware to play a particular game. If not, the Windows XP Game Advisor provides links to hardware providers that can help you upgrade your system.

Featured game interface

Green checkmarks mean that you have the hardware to play that game. Red �X� means that you need to upgrade your hardware. Hover over �Minimum PC� to read the minimum requirements to play that game.

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