Friday, June 03, 2005

DVD File/Folder Structure

DVD File/Folder Structure


. BUP = Backup files of the IFO files.

. IFO = The IFO files includes information such as chapters, subtitle tracks and audio tracks.

. VOB = The VOB files contains the actual video,audio,subtitles and menus.

Folder Files Explanation
AUDIO_TS (undefined) DVD Audio
The first video play item, IFO, usally a copyright notice or a menu
  VIDEO_TS.VOB The first video play item, VOB
  VTS_01_0.IFO Title 01, IFO, usually the main movie
  VTS_01_0.VOB Title 01, VOB 0, the menu for this title
  VTS_01_1.VOB Title 01, VOB 1, the video for this title
  VTS_01_2.VOB Title 01, VOB 2, if larger than 1 GB it will be splitted into several vobs
  VTS_01_3.VOB Title 01, VOB 3
  VTS_01_4.VOB Title 01, VOB 4, up to 10(0-9) VOB files if necassary
  VTS_02_0.IFO Title 02, IFO, usually movie extras
  VTS_02_0.VOB Title 02, VOB 0, the menu for this title
  VTS_02_1.VOB Title 02, VOB 1, the video for this title
  VTS_xx_x.IFO And so on
  VTS_99_9.VOB Up to 99(1-99) titles with max 10(0-9) VOB files each

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