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The size of the Internet

The size of the Internet

Although the Internet is the newest medium for information flows, it is the fastest growing new medium of all time, and becoming the information medium of first resort for its users. Note that the Web consists of the surface web (fixed web pages) and what Bright Planet calls the deep web (the database driven websites that create web pages on demand).

Table 8.1: The size of the Internet in terabytes.


2002 Terabytes

Surface Web


Deep Web


Email (originals)


Instant messaging




Source: How much information 2003


Worldwide stat on Internet usage:

Source: Nielsen/NetRatings via CyberAtlas


Compostition of surface web:

Source: How much information 2003



Spam count:


Source: BrightMail




This compilation is based on the survey data collected in 2003.These are not current data.If anyone has access to current data on the above topics,please send to me or post as a comment in my blog.


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