Monday, January 09, 2006

One more Yahoo Mail address for your existing Inbox

Here's the deal,

Yahoo is now allowing more than one ID for your email inbox.
If you want, you can create one more Email ID and the emails will come into your existing email account. While sending email, you can select which account to use.

For example, my id is

I created an extra id and both ids have the same inbox.

Moreover, Yahoo now supports the dot (.) in email addresses like GMail.
To begin with the process of creating the extra email id, click on the link below:

(Sign in into your inbox before clicking on this link)


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  1. Thanks for that tip, I started getting really bugged as my previous id was 2 long.

  2. It was really helpful as I was not happy with my ID and had no other option. Thanx a lot.

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  4. I really dont feel the need to use Yahoo anymore for my mails once gmail's there. but i do use my yahoo account for the messenger thing. yahoo messenger really rocks. but i'm waitin for Google to upgrade its Google talk, which will be i bet better thn yahoo.

    what i like about gmail is that it doesnt post those picture advertisements which really make the downloading slither like a beast.

    also, gmail till now has been unhackable. trust me i've stolen passwords for all the requisite mail providers either by phishing, trojans, hitntrial, keylogging, actually hacking the minnow servers at forums n by lot thru these combination.
    BUT gmail has really bluffed me to hell, either they buy out a lot of expertise on security OR they hell lot Beta test their products.

    ORKUT!! the best networking network(sic!) google owns. all those hi5 n other moronic things gonna die fast once this get popular in India.

    now or later google will monopolise www.

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