Friday, March 03, 2006

The Piracy "Food Chain"

First off, piracy isn't just a few guys who work at cinemas and software stores taking the odd film or game home and sharing it on their home FTP servers or KaZaA.
Piracy on the Internet, or "the warez scene"(as those into it like to call it) is suprisingly organized. Pirated software/games/movies/anything are called warez and will referred to as that from now on.

The Piracy "Food Chain"

Warez/Release Groups - People who releasethe warez to the warez community. Often linked with Site Traders.

Site Traders - People who trade the releasesfrom the above groups on fast servers.

FXP Boards - Skript Kiddies whoscan/hack/fill vulnerable computers withwarez.

IRC Kiddies - Users of IRC (Internet RelayChat) who download from "XDCC Bots" or"Fserves."

KaZaA Kiddies - Users of KaZaA and otherp2p (peer to peer) programs.


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