Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Ultimate "TO DO" list

This "To Do" list is a list with a pretty long perspective.
I would like to emphasize the things humans have to do in their lifetime.
(in order of execution)

1.Stop technologies that try to make humans as God (Cloning, Genetic modification...)
2.Resolve ethical problems with AI before things get out of hand
3.Stop Global warming
4.Set human outposts throughout the solar system
5.Find human-inhabitable planets outside our solar system
6.Set up colonies in such inhabitable planets
7.Find a way to protect planets from Black holes.

All this has to be done before the earth is covered by the sun at the end of its life.
It should be noted that half the life of our Sun is already over.

Actually, the list should be pretty long, but, i leave the rest to be updated by fellow humans.
I hope i am doing my part to make achieve this "To do" list.
Make sure you do your part...

All the best fellow humans!

Google obeys Adobe's DRM

Gmail has been since used for breaking inbuilt rights management in PDF documents for a while.
To break the protection, (Copy protection) in a PDF file, its simple to send that file by Email to a Gmail account. From there, with the "View as HTML" option, the file can be easily viewed as a hypertext and can easily be copied and its content can be extracted.
But, recently, Google had decided to follow the rules of Adobe and blocked that interesting feature from Gmail.
Now, if a protected file is "viewed as HTML", Gmail gives the message,
"The attachment cannot be viewed as HTML since the author placed restrictions on its content.Download the attachment to view in its original format.

Sounds interesting...

Adblock degrades Internet

Many of us use Adblock software to filter out the text ads and other types of advertisments that are presented in websites along with the content we are looking for.
But, do we understand that we are risking the probability that we may never see that site again!
Think again friends.

Many websites use advertisements and advertisements are the only source of their income.Such sites present free and useful content to everyone at the cost of the advertisements. But, by using software such as "Adblock", we cut off the primary income source of such websites.
We wont have much trouble in allocating a few more bytes of bandwidth in order to fetch adverts.
By using "Adblock", we are discriminating ad-sponsored websites from providing free service.
I can write more on this, but i hope you understood what i have to say.

Make a difference, turn off "Adblock".
I will be happy if atleast one of you turn off "adblock", please let me know...

Friday, June 23, 2006

End of Adsense?

Google is testing a new type of ad - CPA ,ie, Cost Per Action, means that advertisers pay only when a preset action takes place such as sales of a product or service.

Currently, Google's popular advertising service Adsense is a Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Impression(CPM) based service. CPC means that advertsiers pay for every click and not for purchase.So, a visitor may just click and may not make a purchase.

The point is that Adsense is used by several miscreants to perform click fraud (using click-bots or malware induced clicks).So, Google is being sued to pay for the loss it made to advertisers in the Adsense stream.So, Google has developed and now testing a new advertisng network based on CPA methodology.

This means that advertisers will be benefitted and publishers will not be.It is stated that Adsense and the new CPA system will co-exist, but the real truth is that most advertisers will move to the CPA network.
So, finally, Adsense will become a Zombie network with less advertisers.

So the future of Adsense is a mystery.
Millions of publishers using Adsense will have to look for a better alternative if Adsense gives way to CPA.

Edit Pictures online

Here's a phot editor when you dont have access to Photoshop or any other photo editing software.
Just go to this site and select a photo and upload to their site and start editing it.
There are features such as Crop, Rotate, Resize, Undo and Redo.
After editing, save the photo in any format you wish such as JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF etc..
For advanced usage, i advice importing their bookmarklet from here.


Monday, June 19, 2006

Internet's first website

Internet's earliest registered website is www.symbolics.com.

It was regsitered in 1985 , soon after the DNS system was invented and implemented.
The website was the longest hosted website in history of internet and currently its a single page website with plain HTML coding.

It was a website hosted long before anyone knew about internet!

Watch your clipboard

Dont copy confidential information into clipboard and go to untrusted websites.
It is possible for websites to access the contents of your clipboard and even save the clipboard contents to their database!.

Click here to view a demo of the clipboard data grabbing.

To turn off this "feature" in Internet Explorer:
1. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security
2. Click on the Custom Level Security Setting and uncheck the option "Allow Paste Operations via Script.”

(This problem does not occur in Firefox)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Stock market values

Stock market value of companies as per their size

Source: Yahoo Finance

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Robot hand controlled by thought alone

A robotic hand controlled by the power of thought alone has been demonstrated by researchers in Japan.

The robotic hand mimics the movements of a person's real hand, based on real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of their brain activity. It marks another landmark in the advance towards prosthetics and computers that can be operating by thought alone.

The system was developed by Yukiyasu Kamitani and colleagues from the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Kyoto, and researchers from the Honda Research Institute in Saitama.
Subjects lay inside an MRI scanner and were asked to make "rock, paper, scissor" shapes with their right hand. As they did this, the MRI scanner recorded brain activity during the formation of each shape and fed this data to a connected computer. After a short training period, the computer was able to recognise the brain activity associated with each shape and command the robotic appendage do the same.

Full article Here in New Scientist Tech.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Bill Gates to Leave Microsoft in 2 Years

Microsoft chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates announced in a press conference Thursday afternoon that he would be shifting priorities, leaving his full-time position at Microsoft in two years to focus his efforts on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Microsoft CTO Ray Ozzie will take over Gates' role as Chief Software Architect starting immediately. "Over the next two years, Ray and I will work side by side to ensure a smooth transition," Gates said. "Over time, he'll take on the central role for architectual leadership at Microsoft.'

Gates reitered that he is not retiring from the software business, calling the change a re-ordering of priorities. "With greath wealth comes great responsibility," he said. "A responsibility to give back to society."

Gates will retain his position as company chairman, and plans to spend some of his time at Microsoft.

"Obviously this decision was very hard for me to make....Even as I prepare to shift my focus in July 2008, I know Microsoft is well positioned for success in the years ahead." Gates said that he will "miss working for Steve every day as I have over the past 26 years."
"Bill may reduce his time here but his imprint on the company will never diminish," said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. "We will continue his tradition of thinking big and executing even bigger."

Complete article can be found here

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The "@" Symbol

Some things are so common place that you scarcely notice them. But that doesn't make them any less fascinating. Take the humble "@" symbol, for instance.
The @ sign was used in trade to mean "at the price of" before resting on the first Underwood typewriter keyboard in 1885, then later with QWERTY on modern keyboards in the 1940s

One day in late 1971, computer engineer Ray Tomlinson grappled with how to properly address what would be history's very first e-mail. After 30 seconds of intense thought, he decided to separate the name of his intended recipient and their location by using the "@" symbol. He needed something that wouldn't appear in anyone's name, and settled on the ubiquitous symbol, with the added bonus of the character representing the word "at," as in, hey_you@wherever_you_happen_to_work.com.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Convert FLV to MPG

This is a nice freeware that converts FLV (Flash video) to MPEG video, so that the video can be burned as Video Cds or DVDs.
Dont know what FLV format is about? Click here

Free Riva FLV Encoder 2.0
Download link:

File size: 4.72 MB
For instructions about conversion, click here:

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Download streaming video

Currently, there are many video sharing websites with lots of video content.
For example, nearly 500 cartoons are available to view online from this link,

It would be better to download and view these videos rather watching online,since downloaded stuff can be shared with friends, but most video sites such as Google Videos, YouTube etc dont allow you to download the videos.

Here's a method to download such videos.
Downloaded file will be in FLV format (Flash Video, extension .flv)

Here's the procedure,

Step 1 : Copy the URL of the page which contains the video
Step 2: Goto www.Keepvid.com
Step 3: Give the URL in the search box of keepvid.com and hit "Download"
Step 4: Keepvid.com gives back an URL, Right click on it and select "Save Target As"
Step 5: Save the file as "filename.flv", dont forget the double quites and the .flv extension
Step 6: Open the downloaded file with FLV Player, if you dont have FLV Player, download it from here,

For a more easy illustration, refer the screenshots given below, from left to right,

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pyramid of Internet Piracy

Internet Piracy Pyramid , as described by MPAA
Click to Enlarge.