Friday, June 23, 2006

End of Adsense?

Google is testing a new type of ad - CPA ,ie, Cost Per Action, means that advertisers pay only when a preset action takes place such as sales of a product or service.

Currently, Google's popular advertising service Adsense is a Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Impression(CPM) based service. CPC means that advertsiers pay for every click and not for purchase.So, a visitor may just click and may not make a purchase.

The point is that Adsense is used by several miscreants to perform click fraud (using click-bots or malware induced clicks).So, Google is being sued to pay for the loss it made to advertisers in the Adsense stream.So, Google has developed and now testing a new advertisng network based on CPA methodology.

This means that advertisers will be benefitted and publishers will not be.It is stated that Adsense and the new CPA system will co-exist, but the real truth is that most advertisers will move to the CPA network.
So, finally, Adsense will become a Zombie network with less advertisers.

So the future of Adsense is a mystery.
Millions of publishers using Adsense will have to look for a better alternative if Adsense gives way to CPA.

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