Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Ultimate "TO DO" list

This "To Do" list is a list with a pretty long perspective.
I would like to emphasize the things humans have to do in their lifetime.
(in order of execution)

1.Stop technologies that try to make humans as God (Cloning, Genetic modification...)
2.Resolve ethical problems with AI before things get out of hand
3.Stop Global warming
4.Set human outposts throughout the solar system
5.Find human-inhabitable planets outside our solar system
6.Set up colonies in such inhabitable planets
7.Find a way to protect planets from Black holes.

All this has to be done before the earth is covered by the sun at the end of its life.
It should be noted that half the life of our Sun is already over.

Actually, the list should be pretty long, but, i leave the rest to be updated by fellow humans.
I hope i am doing my part to make achieve this "To do" list.
Make sure you do your part...

All the best fellow humans!

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