Friday, July 07, 2006

Censoring Digg?

Digg is a social bookmarking site and what makes it special than news websites is that digg does not censor user's content.But, thats got its own drawbacks and there can be exceptions.

Few minutes back(Friday morning 2 AM,July 2006), a link to a semi-nude video was posted on Digg and the post made it to the front page thanks to celebrities that were involved in the video.Within a few minutes the story recieved lots of diggs, but disappeared from front page and the "Videos>Comedy Videos" category, thanks to censorship on part of Digg staff.

Now, here's the irony.90% of the comments about the video were in favor of the video.I am happy that a few people opposed that post.

I place one humble request to fellow diggers, please do not vote for such objectionable content and bury the story. Such content spoils the reputation of the entire digg community.

Dont allow digg to become an adult content bookmarking site.

(note: i am not posting the link to that adult digg article so that the reputation of my blog won't be spoiled)

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