Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Netscape buying top Digg users

Imagine Gmail paying hundreds of dollars to Yahoo users , so that they switch over from Yahoo to Google!
And, hey, thats an example, dont take it seriously.
A similar case is happening in the social bookmarking arena.
Digg is the emperor of social bookmarking and Netscape is the latest entrant into this arena.
Now, what Netscape is doing is that they are offering top users of Digg (diggers) to come to and netscape pays them 1000$ per head. What an offer!
But, wait, not everyone is moving to netscape.
There are several loyal users of who had refused to move to netscape.
Here's what the head of Digg (Jay Adelson ) has to say,

“I’ve thought about what to do with the real power Diggers, the ones who spend their whole day on Digg and really work hard, is there a way that I could show my appreciation. The way I would show my appreciation would be to never give them more power, more features than another user has. It might be something like a T-shirt, it might be a rating that they can show other users, but it has to be a level playing field.”

"Hmmmm, $1,000 of cold, hard cash from Netscape per month… or a Digg T-shirt? Doesn’t sound like a level playing field to me. But Digg power users were split over the monetary offer"

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