Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nuclear Monument in New Mexico desert

The US govt has planned to build a super structure costing upto 1 billion dollars over the "Nuclear waste storage" facility in New Mexico desert.
The monument was intended to be a warning sign for future generations not to dig or drill up at that site for 10,000 years since the nuclear material in that facility takes upto 10,000 years to decay.
The construction of the monument commences in 2030 AD when the facility is filled up to its maximum capacity. The facility is called "WIPP" (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) and is located half a mile below the surface. After construction, the monument will be guarded for the next 100 years.

This is how the facility look from the surface as of now.
The current buildings will be destryed and something that serves as a warning sign will be built up there within 25years.
And, there will be pictorial warning signs installed all over the place to make sure that future civilizations with new languages can also understand the warning signs.

Here are some suggested designs of how the structure would look like after centuries.

Detailed info here
More photos here

And, one point is that, Pyramids were built to keep people out, but, they were broken into.
We will have to hope that such curiousity doesnt make future generations to investigate this monument site!

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