Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Science Mysteries

Some mysteries that are opposing existing scientific theories,
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Dark Energy:

"Are Galaxy Clusters Corrupting Big Bang Echoes?"

"Astropysics Challenged By Dark Energy Finding"

"A Cosmic Crisis?"
-- Science Magazine Online

"Dark Matter: Hidden Mass Confounds Science"

"New Doubts On Dark Energy"

Expanding Universe:

"New Model Of Expanding Universe"
-- Nature Magazine Online

NASA's discovery about Gravity:

"Newtonian Physics - All The Wrong Moves"
(Above article based on original New Scientist article )

" The Problem With Gravity "

String Theory:

"New Theory Proposes Strong Gravity"
-- Berkeley Lab Science Beat

"A Journey to the 10th Dimension"
-- Popular Science

Mysteries of Quantum Mechanics:

"Exorcising Einstein's Spooks"-- Nature Magazine Online

Particle Physics Failures:

"New Particle Baffles Physicists"
-- PhysicsWeb

Failed Search for Fundamental Answers:

"No Sign Of The Higgs Boson"
-- New Scientist

False Claim of Particle Discovery-- Nature Magazine Online

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