Sunday, November 26, 2006

Configuring Airtel Mobile Office

I activated Mobile office yesterday and the download speeds in mobile is pretty fast with my N73 EDGE supported mobile.

Here are the settings for Mobile office for mobile,
SMS GPRS to 567 for one day unlimited usage of mobile office, or make a 375 rs recharge for one month unlimited usage.

After recieving settings from Airtel, save the settings. In the mobile, go to,

Menu ->Settings ->Connection ->Packet data -> Access point -> set as ""

Then, Menu ->Services -> Settings -> Access Point ->Set as Mobile Office

[NOP users should set the homepage as ""]

To use Mobile office in system,
> Connect the mobile to the system via Datacable or bluetoooth.
> Open Network connections and create a new connection
> Select Modem as Phone modem from the shown list
> Set the dialing number as *99***1#
> Leave the username and password fields blank.
> Finish the wizard and connect as if connecting via dialup.

N73 connects to Airtel at 486kbps, but the download speeds of Airtel is just like normal dialup.
But, the download speed in the mobile is reasonable.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Internet root servers

The root servers are the pillars of the internet.
There are 13 root servers around the world and they are responsible for the working of the internet.
If all 13 go offline, Internet will be dead (perhaps not immediately).
These servers maintain all the data about all the websites on the internet.
As per a stat, the .COM list of websites in 2002 is a 2 GB file that was on one of the root servers.
All the DNS servers get their data from these root servers and cache them.

The root servers are named from A to M.
Here are some stats abt them,

Server Operator IP Addr
A VeriSign Naming and Directory Services
B Information Sciences Institute IPv4:
IPv6: 2001:478:65::53
C Cogent Communications
D University of Maryland
E NASA Ames Research Center
F Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. IPv4:
IPv6: 2001:500::1035
G U.S. DOD Network
Information Center
H U.S. Army Research Lab IPv4:
IPv6: 2001:500:1::803f:235
I Autonomica/NORDUnet
J VeriSign Naming and Directory Services
K Reseaux IP Europeens -
Network Coordination Centre
IPv6: 2001:7fd::1
L Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers
M WIDE Project
IPv6: 2001:dc3::35
More info abt root servers can be found here,