Sunday, November 26, 2006

Configuring Airtel Mobile Office

I activated Mobile office yesterday and the download speeds in mobile is pretty fast with my N73 EDGE supported mobile.

Here are the settings for Mobile office for mobile,
SMS GPRS to 567 for one day unlimited usage of mobile office, or make a 375 rs recharge for one month unlimited usage.

After recieving settings from Airtel, save the settings. In the mobile, go to,

Menu ->Settings ->Connection ->Packet data -> Access point -> set as ""

Then, Menu ->Services -> Settings -> Access Point ->Set as Mobile Office

[NOP users should set the homepage as ""]

To use Mobile office in system,
> Connect the mobile to the system via Datacable or bluetoooth.
> Open Network connections and create a new connection
> Select Modem as Phone modem from the shown list
> Set the dialing number as *99***1#
> Leave the username and password fields blank.
> Finish the wizard and connect as if connecting via dialup.

N73 connects to Airtel at 486kbps, but the download speeds of Airtel is just like normal dialup.
But, the download speed in the mobile is reasonable.


  1. Bharath,

    Thanks for this information. I'm trying to use Mobile Office in Rajasthan, and this information came quite useful.

    Couple of updates:

    1. The dial-up number for the connection on the system has been changed to: *99***3#

    2. The cost in Rajasthan (as of April 2007) is Rs. 395 Unlimited


    - Ashish

  2. hey dude,its not the transfer rate

  3. Very useful info.

    I just installed it on my new laptop but could not find which number should be dialed. My old laptop has gone for repairs. I found it here and am online within a minute.

    Thanx once again.

    A Desai

  4. Bharath,

    I have purchased a new i-mate with WM6.0 I tried contacting the customer support for the GPRS setting but didnot get a result, they only asked me to send an sms "ALL to 2567". I tried this several times but got no result. Do you have any idea on the settings for this? If so do mail me to

    Moosa Khan

  5. Hey Guy the service is too gud, i am using the service from last 5 yrs...... if u want to knw how to incerased the speed mail me i hve wonderful thing to share regarding Airtel Mobile Connect....

  6. Wat are the charges for mobile office unlimited in rajasthan? it truely unlimited or are there any data charges?

  7. This is really a great information bharat!!!!!!

  8. Hey man, Thanks so much. The *99***1# didnt work, and then I saw the comments...

    *99***3# worked.

    Why cant the Customer service know any of this???

  9. Anonymous4:24 PM

    I have purchased a nokia 3120C phone and airtel sim with mobile office installed. I want to know what settings I have to made for access internet and email and mms.

  10. Pradeep4:03 PM

    Thks dude

  11. Hai brother could u plz help me. My mo cant b connectd to my system through dialup. Till ystrdy i connect to net using nokia pc suite. But nw its showing no modem found. Plz tel me any other dialup numbr other than *99***1#

  12. I need a help..
    I got a rajasthan number and i m using it in noida.
    but now i want to activate MO Service which i know activated by recharging with 395.
    I had tried for MO setting by sms but no reply.
    Now i need to know the MO setting so that i can use it.
    Any procedure?

  13. What are the manual setting for MO Service.
    I own rajasthan number using in noida.
    I send sms but didn't get any settings.

  14. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Hey guys...
    That dial up number is just *99#