Sunday, June 10, 2007

More Link units with Adsense

Google updated their policies to allow upto 3 link units on a page , rather than the previous 1 unit.

In their policy statement, this line says,
"Up to three link units may also be placed on each page. "

This means that publishers are not limited to just a single ad unit, they now can have up to three, so you can now have a link unit in the footer as well as in the navigation.

Adsense earnings as Adwords credit

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This is one cool feature thats about to be implemented by Google.
In an online survey conducted by Google Adsense, they asked the publishers about their interest in using Adsense earnings as Adwords credit.
That will be beneficial for both Adsense and publishers.

The actual question sounded something like this ,
.Will you be interested to use your Adsense earning as Adwords credit?
a) Yes
b) NO
c) What is Adwords?

The answer of most Adsense publishers would be "YES".
Hope Google Adsense implements that option soon enough.

(Now, YPN supports paypal too!)

Yahoo Publisher network now supports Paypal!

YPN (Yahoo publisher network) had announced in their blog ( that they are now officailly supporting Paypal for payments made to YPN publishers.
The minimum payout threshold had been reduced to 50$ from 100$ for paypal users.
(Google Adsense still has an payout limit of 100$ and doesnt support paypal yet).

For more information, please read YPN FAQs.

Yahoo mail offers unlimited storage!

Yahoo! Mail has upgraded its 1 GB mailbox size to unlimited capacity, and the graphic below shows how the storage limit went away!

Yahoo mail offers unlimited storage