Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How to download torrents

Downloading using Torrents:
Step 1: Get the torrent file , this is the file with the .torrent extension and it contains information about where the files are on the torrent network. (for ex, is a worldwide tracker, is a website for tamil stuff)
Step 2: Get a torrent client ( Bitspirit is one nice client)
Step 3: Open the .torrent file using BitSpirit software, it will ask where to save the file, specify the location and the downloading will start.
Always make sure that a torrent has enough seeders before starting a download (atleast 1).

Technical part:
BitTorrent is a protocol developed by Bran Cohem in April 2001.
In a torrent network, files are not stored on a central server, rather, files are stored with clients and a tracking server holds the information about where the files are on the network and the tracker coordinates the transfer of files between the peers.
Its architecture is as follows,

Data flow -> Actual file to be downloaded.
Index flow -> Flow of index details, ie, where the files are.

Setup your own PHP and MySQL web server in minutes

Many applications in languages like PHP and frameworks like AJAX require the use of a local webserver to test and debug applications.
IIS can be used in Windows, but, PHP and mySQL needs to be installed separately for IIS.
As an alternative, WampServer can be used.

WAMP = Web server + PHP + mySQL
Wamp can be downloaded from here
WAMP is a one click install web server, just install the software and it will start to run in system tray, click on it and select "Put online".
Your website / web application needs to be placed in "C:\wamp\www" folder, if "C" is your system drive.
Your webserver can be accessed at this location, http://localhost/ or
Make sure to allow firewall exceptions in order for the server to work.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

View Youtube videos in high clarity (HD)

While viewing Youtube videos on Youtube website, your url looks like this,

Just append &fmt=18 to the url and press enter.
Now the url will become like this,

The video will load in high clarity, will take more time to load, but clarity will be very good.

BTW, the above link goes to pulsar mania video.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Play warcraft 3 online with friends

play warcraft 3 online with friends
Warcraft 3 can be played online as if playing on a LAN without getting into battlenet.
Here is the procedure to play warcraft 3 online, without using battlenet.

(Note that this procedure is for warcraft: Frozen throne.It was not tested with warcraft alone, but it should work.)

1.Install Warcraft 3

2.Install Warcraft : Frozen Throne

3.If you do not have version 1.21, download version update patch from here
(version details can be found at the right bottom of game menu )

4.Download and install GG-Game client from here

5. Sign up at GG-Game by clicking here
Make sure that any firewall is disabled (or allow exceptions for client as well as game)

6. Start GG client and use the username/password you used to signup and login.

7.Click on "Settings" button on top right and select "War3 TFT" and enter the path of the warcraft frozen throne game executable and "OK" it.

play warcraft 3 online with friends

8. Select War3 TFT on the "LAN Games" left pane and goto to your desired room (like yahoo chat room), you can play only with the people inside the room, so, if you plan to play with your friends, inform them to come to the room you wish to play (Double click a room to enter into it).

9. After entering a game, click on "Start Game" and if any message appears, press "OK"(sometimes).Your game will start.

10. In the game menu, goto "Local Area Network", create a game, and everyone in that chat room can join your game, or you can join in their game.

11. Enjoy the game !

In case of any doubts, leave a comment with your email address, or use this form.
If you encounter any problems in this procedure, use the above link to get support.

Comments are welcome.( anyone willing to play w3 with the author can contact here)

More maps can be found at the GG-game forum and this is a must play map.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Digg vs Reddit : Traffic comparison

These numbers speak for themselves!