Friday, June 26, 2009

Apple's ipod 3.0 firmware unlocks bluetooth for 9.95USD

Apple released the iphone/ipod firmware 3.0 version recently.
The catch for ipod touch users is that this firmware upgrade is that it activates(unlocks) the bluetooth chip in ipod touch.Ever since it was released,there was no bluetooth option in ipod touch,but it had an option to connect with Nike gadgets.
The chip that was used for Nike is now being unlocked to provide bluetooth access to ipod touch,enabling multiplayer games,wireless headphones etc.
But, there is a catch here too, the firmware upgrade is not available for free.
It needs to be purchased for 9.95$ (USD). (file size 257.8MB)
Normally, it is the duty of the vendor to provide firmware updates for free.
Imagine Nokia selling its phone's firmware updates,or Microsoft selling service packs!
Apple has monopoly in this segment since they are the leaders.

And then, there is this problem of Apple bundling stuff.
Quick time is bundled with itunes.Why cant Apple integrate quicktimes' codecs into itunes itself?
I have itunes 8.1 and its been bugging me to upgrade to itunes 8.2,but i declined the upgrade. So, what Apple did was to bundle the ipod touch 3.0 firmware with itunes 8.2!I need to upgrade to itunes 8.2 in order to upgrade to 3.0 firmware which i bought for 10USD.

All in all, the bluetooth unlocking is too good to resist.
The upgrades in 3.0 include,

Stereo Bluetooth

Multiplayer peer-2-peer gaming

Landscape mode typing in Safari,Notes etc


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