Saturday, June 27, 2009

Override right click protection and save images in websites

Some websites disable right click and drag/drop on certain images to prevent users from saving them.
Its very inconvenient for those who want to save a local copy of some images/photos.

In Firefox this can be done by ,
1. Tools -> Page Info
2.Select the Media Tab, all images on the page will be listed with adress at top and preview at bottom.
3.Press the "Save as" button above the preview pane and save the image.
Interestingly, a similar process can be also done using IE 8, Internet explorer 8 has some interesting developer tools.

In IE 8,
1.Press F12 or select T00ls-> Developer Tools
2.On the developer tools window, select the menu Images ->View Image report
3.A report of all the images and their attributes along with preview open in a new tab in IE.
4.Right click and save the image required.

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