Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fix Nokia N73 "Not enough memory to perform operation" error

Nokia N73 phone sometimes gives  the error "Not enough memory to perform operations","close some applications and try again".
This error may occur even if the user doesn't store any data on the phone memory.
This is caused by one application called  "LifeBlog".
LifeBlog is an application that tracks everything that goes on inside the N73 mobile.
The reason is one file called "Lifeblog.db".This file's size occupies most of the phone memory and causes this error.
Deleting this file will free up the phone memory and causes the error to disappear and also improve the performance of the mobile.

For deleting this file,special file manager applications are necessary.System files and folders will not be listed within the default file manager.
Install Y-Browser,its a free application.
(Y-Browser may give "Expired Certificate" while installing,follow this simple step to stop that error)
Open the application,Browse  into C:\Data\lifeblog\Database and delete Lifeblog.db

Then restart the phone,the database will be created again,but with very less space and the error will go away.


  1. i am using file xplorer . but i cannot delete th lifeblog.db file

  2. Raj, The lifeblog.db file is mostly locked from deletion. There is one trick that work everytime. Rename the lifeblog.db file to something like xy.z, then delete the file.