Saturday, October 09, 2010

Nokia c6 review: c6 switches off automatically

Just bought this Nokia c6 phone few days back,at Chennai,India for 14,000 INR.
Its got good features.
Symbian,Touch screen,5MP camera,WIFI,GPS,3G,front camera for video call, S60 v5,sliding QWERTY keyboard.All is well.
But its too buggy to use.
Infact, the phone got switched off automatically in the phone shop itself.
Those sales people told that its because of low battery charge.
But,the phone continues to shut down by itself every 1hour or so even in battery is fully charged.
Been using this phone for few days and the problem persists.
The only option to restart the phone is to remove the battery and then insert and start.
Its most likely that its a software error(or a hardware bug) that prevents the mobile from a soft restart.
There are no available software updates to fix this issue.
Its very unpleasant to note that this problem ooccured out of the box.One has to wonder about the Quality control within Nokia.
The last option is to take this to the nokia service center.
Will update this post after taking this issue up with Nokia care.

Update 1:
Been to the service center,they flashed the phone and returned it in a day.But the problem persists.Again took the mobile to Nokia care,this time they asked that the mobile be kept in observation for two days.
To be updated soon.
Apparently, this bug affects many people as well.
Here's lots of people complaining about the mobile at Nokia Forums.

Final Update :
Nokia replaced the motherboard of the mobile after a week and the problem is fixed now. C6 is now running perfectly for nearly a month.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Finding disappeared files and folders after virus infection of pen drive

Some viruses and worms makes the folders disappear and replaces them with applications or shortcuts to applications that are virulent in nature.
The good side of some of the viruses is that they dont delete the actual contents of the infected system.
For example,in pen drives they hide the files and folders.
Normally, these hidden files and folders can be unhidden by utilizing the "Folder Options" menu in the Tools menu of Windows explorer.
But,most viruses delete the "Folder options" menu and "Task Manager" as well.
One solution is to unhide the files and folders from the command prompt.
To do this,
1.Goto Run (Windows+R)
2.Open Command prompt by typing cmd and press "Enter"
3.Navigate to the pendrive by typing its appropriate drive letter(like E: )
4.Type the following command to unhide the files

attrib -s -h *.*

attrib -s -h *
attrib -s -h /d /s

Now your files will be visible.

Make sure to keep the antivirus up-to-date to prevent viruses.