Sunday, December 25, 2011

Best ipad music visualizer - Planetary

Planetary is the most beautiful visualizer for ios devices. The visualization looks extremely crisp especially in ipad2, because of its large screen.
Here are some screenshots of my music library in planetary.

Planetary App Initialization Screenshot 1

Planetary App Initialization Screenshot 2

Planetary app - Galaxy View - ipad2

Planetary App - ipad 2- filtering by #

As evident from above screenshots, planetary's visualizations are unparallaled. Planetary is a must have app for ios users with iphone or ipad. The visualizations look stunning on the retina display of ipad.
Best of all, this cool app is free.
Get Planetary!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Find duplicate numbers in Nokia C6 address book

Duplicate entries in mobile phone address book causes names not to be displayed and create unnecessary confusions.
Certain models of Samsung and Sony Ericsson phones avoid this by alerting whenever already exisitng number is saved into the address book.Unfortunately, most Nokia phones do not have this feature.
There arises a need to find duplicate entries in Nokia phone. This trick works only in Symbian phones since Symbian phones alone have the phone search feature.

To find duplicate contacts in Nokia phones, simply open the "Search" application and enter the number, the phone will display all names under which the number is saved.

Nokia Symbian c6 home screen with the "Search" shortcut

The "Search" application with the magnifying glass icon can be found within the "Application" folder within the main menu.

Nokia C6 Symbian V5 Search Application
Lets search for Batman...who's that "Bruce Wayne"?
Upon searching for the number within the "Search application", the phone numbers with the same number are displayed.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Visualising website keyword data

Keyword data available in Google analytics can be visualized in many ways. The data must be first exported from Google Analytics in excel format.

Two such visualization platforms i tested are,
1. IBM Many Eyes

IBM ManyEyes is a project by IBM.
There is a need to make a simple free signup at the ManyEyes project page in order to use it.
After signup, data needs to be copy/pasted from excel to the site.
I have copy/pasted the keyword data i extracted from Google Analytics and uploaded the data to IBM and created the following visualizations.

Word Tree Visualization of's Keyword data in IBM Many Eyes project - Nokia keyword

Word Tree Visualization of's Keyword data in IBM Many Eyes project - Play keyword
Tag Cloud Visualization of's Keyword data in IBM Many Eyes project - sing;e keyword

Tag Cloud Visualization of's Keyword data in IBM Many Eyes project - double keyword
Word Cloud Visualization of's Keyword data in IBM Many Eyes project
 IBM's Many Eyes project website. is an independent website by  Daniel Steinbock
Tag crowd requires no signup and can visualize text data alone.
Simply copy/paste the data and immediately the tag cloud appears as below.

Tag Cloud created in
I have excluded generic words in like "for in of the to" since those words will have higher frequency, but no meaning.

Overall, IBM Many eyes has many types of visualizations and can visualize text as well as numerical data and tabular data. TagCrowd can visualize text data based on frequency of occurence.
For visualizing website keywords data, both tools serve to be a very useful one.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Export as CSV for Excel bug in new Google Analytics

Exporting data as "CSV for Excel" is providing data in improper format.
When opened in excel, the data shows up in single column like the below screenshot.

Notice how the data appears in a single column.
To fix this bug in Excel, select the column, then goto the Data tab.Then Click on the "Text to Columns" button as in screenshot.

Text to Columns feature in Excel for fixing the Google Analytics new version bug
Then follow the steps as in screenshots. Click Next on the first window.

Select comma as the delimiter and click Finish.
Select Ok in the confirmation box that opens.
The text will all be sorted out as in below screenshot.

Thats all.

For those who cannot follow all these steps, simply select "CSV" in the export option instead of "CSV for Excel". The CSV version does not club the columns in excel!

View and export more than 500 rows of data in Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a maximum of 500 rows of data per page. This applies to all data within Google Analytics, such as , keywords, referrers, content pages etc.  Sometimes, the need comes to view and export more than 500 rows of data in a single page.

Google says that full data can be exported when we export as CSV.
But, sometimes, we need to see the maximum data in the web interface itself.

More than 500 rows can be fetched easily.Even Google officially recommends this for advanced users.
Remember that this trick no longer works in the older GA version. This will only work out in the newer GA version.
First,we need to get to the report page where we want more than 500 rows.Then change the row count from the default 10 to 500.

Screenshot of Google Analytics Keywords Page - Address bar parameter is highlighted in green
Notice the green highlighted area, it contains the parameter called explorer-table.rowCount%3D500

Change this 500 number to any number that is needed.Here, i am changing it into 600. You can change it into 6000, if your analytics profile has that much data.
Dont forget to press "Enter" after modifying this number.

Now, the page will display 600 rows, as in below screenshot.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Design update

Today, gets its latest design update.
This is the latest design.
Latest (2011 October) design of

Previous (2009  to 2011) design of

Lets see how this site looked in earlier years.

2006 Design of

2007 Design of

2008 to 2009 design of

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nokia Message icon flashing problem solved

Recently, the Message alert icon on my C6-00 mobile started to blink, even when the inbox is empty.
This happened in my previous mobile N-73 when there is no space in phone memory to recieve new messages.
From the Nokia discussion forums, i learned that the message icon blinking/flashing is caused by SIM messages.
This is a screenshot of the flashing icon,
Goto Menu> Messaging> Options> Sim Messages, and delete all messages there. This solved my problem.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Solving 'classname' followed by 'int' is illegal (did you forget a ';'?) error in C++

While doing class based programing in C++, the following error occurs.
 'classname' followed by 'int' is illegal (did you forget a ';'?)
The error occurs if the class declaration is not terminated properly.
Class declarations should end with a semicolon.
In the above program, the class terminates near the yellow marking, but a semicolon is missing.
Remember that the same structure of a "struct" is used for classes too. Structures end with a semicolon,similarly classes should also end with a semicolon.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Images in addon domains not loading

While hosting addon domains on hosting with Cpanel, the images in the addon domains may not load.This is due to configuration problems on the server. To fix this, just disable "Hot Link Protection" in Cpanel.
I discovered this solution while troubleshooting a problem for a friend.

A client's domain name, was added as a addon domain to their primary hosting account that was bought with "square brothers". But, when the page was loaded, it looked like the image below, without any images.
After hanging around with the DNS settings and file names for few days, finally found out that "Hot link protection" is the culprit.
To disable "Hot link protection", goto and login with username and password.
Find the "Hot link protection" icon on the interface, as shown below.
After opening the "Hot link protection" page, disable the feature.

Finally, all is well, and the site loaded well.
Replicate this procedure if you were having trouble with images from add on domains not loading properly.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Turn off wifi in Nokia c6

Nokia c6 (nokia 5800) and most symbian phones with WLAN (Wifi) capability connects to wifi automatically most of the time. This causes significant battery drain and reduces the standby time of the phone. The reason for nokia phones to connect to wifi all the time is because of the Email client int he phone.
By default, when we setup a Email profile, the settings are such that the phone connects to a wifi network whenever one is available and configured.
The phone connects again even if we disconnect manually in the settings menu.
Follow this procedure to turn off the wifi automatic connection and to preserve standby time.

Open the Email application, Goto Settings and select the profile name.

In Synchronisation, select "Retrieval days".
Deselect all the days and select OK.

Hereafter, the phone will not connect to wifi automatically. You can still retrieve the emails manually.Also, while sending an email, wifi will connect and send the mail ,then it will disconnect.

List of bugs in Nokia C6

The purpose of this post is to list all the bugs that i have encountered in my Nokia C6 phone which i bought two months back. All these bugs are persistent and keep bugging me often.I have already installed all available firmware updates.

1. On startup, phone displays the error message "System Error". This error message occurs every time the phone is restarted.

2.When Maps is minimized and opened again, i get the error "Not enough memory to perform operation".

3.When maps is not properly closed,and i open it again, nothing happens. I have to restart the phone to fix this bug.

4.While composing and sending a message, when i click the Send button, the phone gives the error "Unable to send".This happens at least twice daily. If this error occurs, it is not possible to send the message again.Nothing happens if i send again.Phone just says "Sending" and does nothing.It is not even possible to save the typed message.If i save in drafts, it will be saved as an empty message only. The only option to save the typed data is to copy/paste from the message screen. This error is a very annoying one.

5.Wifi stays ON all the time wasting phone battery charge.Once i configure the wifi, it connects even if i manually go to Settings->Connectivity->WLAN->Wifi hotspot->Disconnect. I got tired of manually disconnecting, only to find that it connects after a few minutes again without my permission.There should be option to turn OFF wifi.
Nokia C6 always ON wifi

Update: This problem was due to a configuration error.See this article, Turn off wifi in Nokia phone.

6. Sometimes, while making a call from the inbox by selecting a message and clicking the green call button, phone says "Call not allowed".If this happens, the only way to recover from this error is to restart the phone, otherwise it keeps on giving the same error message.

7. GPS fails to connect most of the times. Only after repeated attempts at restarting and reopening Maps, GPS connects.

//Screenshots not available for all bugs since they are not easy to replicate.

With Nokia favoring Windows platform, it remains to be seen whether the already neglected Symbian platform will get any attention, if at all ,  from Nokia.

Saturday, January 15, 2011 appears to be hacked and taken down for maintenance

7:00 PM 1/15/2011 Indian Standard Time
Was trying to visit to catch up some interesting science news.
The site said it was down for maintenance!

No one takes a complete website offline for maintenance, atleast they will supply a cached copy online while major maintenance is done in the back end.

So, i googled and got into the recent version of the site on Google's cache.
None of the links worked.All turned up 404.Something's fishy here.
Visiting provides this,

Lets confirm the 404 from another proxy.

I googled the links rather than visiting the 404 pages.
Google tells that the links may harm my computer.

That's all the evidence.
Now,lets jump to conclusion. may have been a target of malware infection ,which could have occurred by tapping into vulnerabilities like XSS or any other hacking method.
Then livescience could have started to distribute malware,which maybe the only reason for the "harmful site" warning by google.
Then livescience might have noticed this infection and immediately taken their site completely offline to avoid infecting their visitors.

As we speak,err,type, people at livescience could be working hard to clean up the infection and bring up the site back online.

Thought of covering this story since this news isn't on any other website.
Will report as soon as livescience is back.

More information about livescience:
Alexa ranking:
Wayback machine listing:*/
Most recent snapshot at wayback machine:

Update 1:
Its been 9 hours since this story is posted. Its 2:48AM.
LiveScience is Down now.

Final update: is up and running as of now. (Jan 17, 5PM IST)