Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Images in addon domains not loading

While hosting addon domains on hosting with Cpanel, the images in the addon domains may not load.This is due to configuration problems on the server. To fix this, just disable "Hot Link Protection" in Cpanel.
I discovered this solution while troubleshooting a problem for a friend.

A client's domain name, was added as a addon domain to their primary hosting account that was bought with "square brothers". But, when the page was loaded, it looked like the image below, without any images.
After hanging around with the DNS settings and file names for few days, finally found out that "Hot link protection" is the culprit.
To disable "Hot link protection", goto and login with username and password.
Find the "Hot link protection" icon on the interface, as shown below.
After opening the "Hot link protection" page, disable the feature.

Finally, all is well, and the site loaded well.
Replicate this procedure if you were having trouble with images from add on domains not loading properly.

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