Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Turn off wifi in Nokia c6

Nokia c6 (nokia 5800) and most symbian phones with WLAN (Wifi) capability connects to wifi automatically most of the time. This causes significant battery drain and reduces the standby time of the phone. The reason for nokia phones to connect to wifi all the time is because of the Email client int he phone.
By default, when we setup a Email profile, the settings are such that the phone connects to a wifi network whenever one is available and configured.
The phone connects again even if we disconnect manually in the settings menu.
Follow this procedure to turn off the wifi automatic connection and to preserve standby time.

Open the Email application, Goto Settings and select the profile name.

In Synchronisation, select "Retrieval days".
Deselect all the days and select OK.

Hereafter, the phone will not connect to wifi automatically. You can still retrieve the emails manually.Also, while sending an email, wifi will connect and send the mail ,then it will disconnect.


  1. Anonymous2:06 PM

    hi, i just try your instruction to my email settings. but how about to turn off my wlan settings and my facebook too.

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    thanks man, you were the only person to help me so far, my battery life went from a week to less than a day when i started using wifi. Thanx!

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