Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Find duplicate numbers in Nokia C6 address book

Duplicate entries in mobile phone address book causes names not to be displayed and create unnecessary confusions.
Certain models of Samsung and Sony Ericsson phones avoid this by alerting whenever already exisitng number is saved into the address book.Unfortunately, most Nokia phones do not have this feature.
There arises a need to find duplicate entries in Nokia phone. This trick works only in Symbian phones since Symbian phones alone have the phone search feature.

To find duplicate contacts in Nokia phones, simply open the "Search" application and enter the number, the phone will display all names under which the number is saved.

Nokia Symbian c6 home screen with the "Search" shortcut

The "Search" application with the magnifying glass icon can be found within the "Application" folder within the main menu.

Nokia C6 Symbian V5 Search Application
Lets search for Batman...who's that "Bruce Wayne"?
Upon searching for the number within the "Search application", the phone numbers with the same number are displayed.

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