Thursday, March 29, 2012

Google apps free edition

Google recently switched Google Apps to a paid service.
But, their free service with 10 users is still available, but, not listed.

The reason is that Google has rechristened "Google Apps" to "Google Apps for Business".

Google Apps for non-business purposes are listed in the short link menu above the footer.
Users can sign up for Google Apps Free edition (Google Apps for Groups) through this link.

Here is a timeline (history of Google Apps) since its inception,

Feb 2006 - Google created "Gmail for your domain", that later became primary component of Google Apps
August 2006 - Google launched "Google Apps" integrating Email, Calendar, Talk and Pages.
Feb 2007- Google launched Premium Edition for Enterprise
July 2007- Google removed "beta" tag from all Google Apps products
May 2011- Google reduced free account limit from 50 to 10
End of 2011 - Google removed all references to free accounts and gives only a 30 day trail version of "Google Apps for Business"

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