Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Automated parking meters at Chennai

Self-service car parking facility was made available at several places in Chennai in recent months.
The parking meter machine is provided by Parkeon, an US based Parking solutions provider.
Photo of one such parking meter at Adyar bridge, taken by the author is as below.

Parking meter near Adyar bridge, Chennai

The technology is simple to use. Just enter the car number, hours of parking needed, the machine asks to insert coins in denominations of 1,2 and 5 rs. Deposit the coins and collect the receipt and display the receipt on dashboard. The parking fee is very nominal and is very cheap compared to the parking fee charged in Express Avenue.

Instructions on using the self-service car parking system, as displayed in the machine.
How to use parking meter (instruction)
1.  Press green button on meter
2.  Press car number in keypad
3.  Insert 1, 2, 5 Rs. Coins according to your parking time
4.  Press green button to complete
5.  Take your ticket from ticket bowl
6.  Display your parking ticket inside car dash board as facing printed time displayed
Press red button at any time to cancel transaction              

The receipt returned by the machine is as shown below.
Parking meter receipt
There is even an assistant employed there to help with the receipt and he seems to be checking the receipts displayed on the car dashboards. Good work done by the authorities.