Sunday, August 26, 2012

Identifying corporate spies

The cost of protecting the intellectual properties of corporate business houses are increasing day by day. Trade secrets are the lifeline of companies and such secrets should be protected from prying eyes.

Recently, FBI got weary of all the corporate espionage that is happening in USA, which amounted to loss of $12 billion  for US companies. As a result, FBI is engaging in a massive advertising campaign to create awareness among the public to prevent such espionage.

Below are the points put forth by FBI for identifying potential perpetrators of espionage.
The points are relevant for Indian companies too.

Profile of a potential spy:
  • Working odd hours without authorization
  • Taking proprietary information home in thumb drives or email
  • Making unnecessary copies
  • Disregarding company policies about installing personal software or hardware
  • Taking short trips to foreign countries for unexplained reasons
  • Buying things they can’t afford
  • Being overwhelmed by life crises or career disappointments

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