Monday, October 29, 2012

Nokia maps search bug

Nokia maps (previously Ovi maps) is currently the only smartphone manufacturer who provides downloadable maps which can be used even when there is no internet connection.

In the Indian context, this makes sense since the cost of accessing internet from mobile devices is exorbitrant and the 3G/2G coverage on the roads are sketchy at best.
Previously, Nokia map was downloaded as a India level map after installing the app. Now Nokia provides detailed local level maps downloadable as state level download (ie, separate download for Tamilnadu).
All is well, but, there is one glaring problem that is noticeable in Nokia maps. Users need to know the exact spelling of a place in order to locate it in Nokia maps, while in offline mode.

For example, searching for thenkasi provides no results(it is a town located in south tamilnadu), whereas searching for Tenkasi provides results.

Searching with slightly incorrect spelling
Searching with correct spelling

Similar problem should be encountered by Nokia map users countless times! (the author encountered this problem minimum ten times in past year)

Nokia should fix this and offer similar names in the map application offline search results. This problem is not prevalent in online mode.
Will nokia care to fix this glaring bug?

On a side note,it would be great if the names of the places in my map is also added to my dictionary!

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