Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kissan Tomato ketchup and recipes on Youtube India homepage

Kissan (Hindustan Unilever) has taken Youtube India's masthead ad.
The ad is for Kissan' Tomato ketchup and features a mini flash game wherein a kid running away from food needs to be captured and brought to the dining table.
After few unsuccessful attempts, the user is advised to put the sauce on the breakfast (chapathi) after which the kid automatically comes and eats the chapathi.

Kissan Ketchup's Youtube India masthead ad
Kissan is promoting their tiffin recipes in this ad campaign which in turn promotes their ketchup and fruit jam.
By promoting the recipes, more users will be encouraged the products more often.
Interesting concept and implementation by Kissan's marketing team.

Video of the ad implementation:

View video on Youtube

Agency : Unknown
Ad type: Youtube India home page masthead
Landing page: Youtube video page
Lead capture:  No online lead capture. (To get tiffin recipes, give missed call on 093203 93203 . Also promotes Kissan's Facebook,YouTube and Twitter pages. )
Campaign response: To be updated shortly

 Kissan got overwhelming response in their earlier Kissanpur campaign.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Sony Music India's song trailer strategy for Tamil film Kumki

Usually Indian film songs were much sought after. Music studios with the music rights ensured that the songs are not freely available online, so that they can make money by selling the music cds.
But, ad-ridden song piracy websites usually made huge volumes of ad revenues by giving away the songs online for free.

The music studios used to complain to file hosting services and tried to take the audio files down, but the pirates always re-uploaded the files somewhere else. This used to be the usual trend.

But, Sony Music India changed the trend, when they made available online, the full songs of Kumki on YouTube. Their strategy was super-hit since these videos served as trailers to the movie itself, since the songs were published online months before the movie hit the theaters. The videos promoted the movie in a big way by showing stills from the movie in addition to the lyrics.

The Youtube page screenshot for the Youtube record breaking song

At this time of writing.the songs on Youtube had the following views.
Soi Soi song - 20 million views
Sollitale Ava Kadhala song - 10 million views
Onnum Puriyala song - 9.5 million views
Nee Yeppo Pulla song - 4.4 million views

The Song lyrics in the Youtube video

These Youtube videos, in addition to promoting the film, contains links to Flipkart Flyte, iTunes and Ovi store for purchasing high quality MP3s.

Promotional still within the song - making it a "song" trailer for the movie
This digital marketing strategy should be applauded for the innovative approach and execution. In fact, the search engine strategy also worked well with this implementation and drove visitors to the official website.

Kumki songs - SEO benefits for Sony Music's Youtube profile