Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nokia India betrays early Lumia 920 buyers

Nokia India has managed to betray loyal Nokia buyers who bought the Lumia 920 as soon as it arrived on the market.

Nokia Lumia 920 was available in the Indian market in second week of January and users who were long expecting a Windows 8 phone from Nokia bought it as soon as it landed. It was a huge disappointment to the buyers that the wireless charger was not part of the standard accessory even as wireless charging feature was trumped as one of the unique selling points of Lumia 920.

In May 2013, after 5 months, Nokia has announced that they will give the charger for free with the purchase of a new Lumia 920.
The question is, what about the early loyal Nokia buyers?
Nokia should have announced the offer earlier.
Or should allow existing owners to avail the offer or atleast offer a large discount for existing users to buy the wireless charger.

Nokia Australia and Nokia UK had earlier announced a free wireless charger to existing Lumia 920 users.
What's stopping Nokia India from doing the same?

Nokia has let down its loyal users.
Will Nokia make up with its loyal customers?

ps: For those looking for availing this offer, visit the Nokia India store or any of the Nokia showrooms.


  1. For God's sake its a promo offer! lol! xD

    1. Of course its a promo offer. People have paid a premium to buy this phone. Nokia AU, Nokia UK and others have given the wireless charger for free to existing Lumia 920 owners. But Nokia India is only looking at profit by offering to sell to new customers. If customer satisfaction was a criteria, Nokia surely would have extended the offer to existing owners. I want to create awareness on such unfair business practices.

  2. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Oh no! And the price might even come down over time, those bastards.

  3. Anonymous2:16 PM

    This is completely unfair dealing woth the existing customers.. Not sure y evry cmny starts looting when it comes to India