Friday, January 30, 2015

ALFREZZA - Inhalable rapid Insulin

US FDA has approved an inhalable rapid insulin after several years of field trials and review. The drug is now reported to be available at several Pharmacies across USA.

It is priced in the range of 200-270USD when compared to the 300-400USD price of insulin injection.

The procedure to use use AFREZZA is as follows,

Further details :

Monday, January 12, 2015

Skype to phone calls in UAE works without VPN starting Jan 2015!

Skype to Skype calls were allowed from UAE to other countries or within UAE by the two duopoly operators, Etisalat and du, whereas Skype to phone calls were not allowed, until recently.

Skype to Phone

In UAE, Skype users had to pay for a VPN service to make calls from their Skype to phones on top of the subscription charge or the Skype credit. Recent reports indicate that this restriction is no longer applicable and Skype users are indeed able to call Indian phone numbers with their subscription as of Jan 2015, which is good news for Skype users.

Update: Google voice users can already make Hangout to phone calls without the need for a VPN through Gmail, provided they have bought calling credit from Google.