Thursday, January 26, 2017

Google Adsense Reports are down

Google Adsense' reports are currently down. It has been reported by 20+ users on the Adsense support forums in the last few hours. It is not immediately clear whether just the reports are down or if the clicks aren't actually being recorded by Google Adsense.

Web Reports - Adsense Reports as of 26th Jan 2017
From my analytics, I have received 3K users in the same time period. Ads are showing up properly on the sites as well. The problem appears to be only with the reports.

IOS Adsense App screenshot:

Reports on Adsense Help Forums!topic/adsense/iQAcfVVYAgc;context-place=forum/adsense

Visit the Google Adsense Support forums here:!forum/adsense