Saturday, October 09, 2010

Nokia c6 review: c6 switches off automatically

Just bought this Nokia c6 phone few days back,at Chennai,India for 14,000 INR.
Its got good features.
Symbian,Touch screen,5MP camera,WIFI,GPS,3G,front camera for video call, S60 v5,sliding QWERTY keyboard.All is well.
But its too buggy to use.
Infact, the phone got switched off automatically in the phone shop itself.
Those sales people told that its because of low battery charge.
But,the phone continues to shut down by itself every 1hour or so even in battery is fully charged.
Been using this phone for few days and the problem persists.
The only option to restart the phone is to remove the battery and then insert and start.
Its most likely that its a software error(or a hardware bug) that prevents the mobile from a soft restart.
There are no available software updates to fix this issue.
Its very unpleasant to note that this problem ooccured out of the box.One has to wonder about the Quality control within Nokia.
The last option is to take this to the nokia service center.
Will update this post after taking this issue up with Nokia care.

Update 1:
Been to the service center,they flashed the phone and returned it in a day.But the problem persists.Again took the mobile to Nokia care,this time they asked that the mobile be kept in observation for two days.
To be updated soon.
Apparently, this bug affects many people as well.
Here's lots of people complaining about the mobile at Nokia Forums.

Final Update :
Nokia replaced the motherboard of the mobile after a week and the problem is fixed now. C6 is now running perfectly for nearly a month.


  1. very truely said the same problem i am facing,i bought my C6 on 16 oct and its gets switched off whenever it wantss!!!very sick thing.

  2. Hi Bharath!
    I was looking for N8 modelofNokia,
    because Digital Inspiration site( reported a film made by N8. It was good. I wanted a good video recorder with high esoln,for taking my yoga and meditation practices to my people and to clients on the net. I found the price was a compelling Rs24500/+costof external memory cards.
    I had great fears lurking. The price can be paid for extremely good performance of video recording. But what if fails, and lands me in trouble! Already, the experience of people is worst, after purchase of anything -b'cause, "after sales service" is very poor, esp in India. You begin to look like a worm in the shop keepers' owners' eyes when you go there with a complaint. I bot a new Bike paying half a lac. It is just that for all good bikes. OK. But when I went for lst free service they receieved and returned it duly on date without changing Oil after 3000km, and did not repair the problems butthe staff are trained to take the defectslist, and read out one by one and tell the customer we have attended to all these. I took out and came out and on the road,within a km, the bike showed its problems, tho minor. I was feeling shy to show my face to them, being humiliated and humbled at a respectable age of a senior 58yrs.
    I lodged a complaint on the net in their site. Next day, the owner on phone just casually asked did u have a complaint? I said yes. I told him to call after 5pm as I was busy. He just left me at that.
    He'd have said tothe co"Sir,It is just a free coupon service sir!"
    They remove your self starter kit and change it and may remove battery also(cause we dont look at it serial no!)Administrations are weak.
    I did not try to contact. Because bosses call from their Landlines where they would not be available later on. A friend of mine asked for the performance of the bike, I said Good Product but after sales service is very pathetic and humiliating.
    When U go on thinking about your nokia that failed u, I know how u feel about it. When u see the emblem of nokia you will feel hurt. and pungent too. But the true owners of the company may be theCEO too, when he comes across it, he would be definitely sorry for the state of affairs.
    My experience with Indian Partners representing their Bosses abroad, is very miserable with regard to top most brands of mother boards, rams, and sony ericson mobile too.
    The companies dont just bother about the fall outs even if it is more than 80%.
    Now they are not bothered about complaints.They have become complacent with what they have already earned. They r sure they wont lose business. A lost name is cannot be repaired easily. Small vendors are worried about this today NOT the giants or banks, or Sim net work companies etc.
    OK, I feel if you change the battery, it may work well.Cause I did the thing, in one of my mobiles and it started working correctly.
    Sorry, folks, I am not sounding a negative tone!
    Life is good always, and let us be cheerful. but let us read between thelines, and try to buy from the wrong guys that ruins our days.

    - d parameswaran

  3. Anonymous10:25 PM

    I have been using Nokia C6 for 3 months and I am facing exactly the same problem but the less frequently, say thrice in a month and hence I am unable to reproduce the issue every time I take my phone to a Nokia care center.

  4. At least Nokia Service responded to the issue. Committing mistakes are ok, but how many accepting and taking the responsibility to correct it. My appreciations to Nokia.

    PS: Hope Nokia will double check before shipping next product to Market.

  5. Sadly, my nokia C6 2 months old also does the same- switches off for no apparent reason. but because i live in USA and bought it from amazon (even though it's under a warranty), nokia care center will NOT do anything.
    it's pathetic what cell phone companies have come down to these days. I will never buy a nokia again.

  6. Anonymous1:19 AM

    I have nokia c6 and i bought it for 350 euros i face the same problems and i promised my sekf i will never buy a nokia again . Nokia is going downhill Very disapointed